Recommended violin and viola accessories and resources

Violin accessories: Strings

Dominant violin string set – Good reliable, durable, and sturdy strings which are used by many professional musicians. It is better to replace E string with Jargar or Goldbrokat E

Vision titanium orchestra set – warm, rich, sturdy and have better projection in comparison with “Dominants” but a little bit pricey. See comparison between solos and orchestra set

Evah Pirazzi– bright and brilliant sound, nice projection, intensive, powerful, have good playability. Cons- pricey and you will have to replace them every couple of months.

Prelude – cheap option if you want to save money. At the same time they are very bright. Solid steel core – good projection and more metallic sound. Good string for students.

Pirastro Chromcor– clean and brilliant sound. They are used by students and professionals. Warmer tone than Prelude, suitable for electric violins. More expensive than  Prelude


Violin accessories: Shoulder rests and shoulder pads

Bonmusica shoulder rest – very ergonomic and comfortable. Can be bent and adjusted to the desired height and shape. One the most comfortable shoulder on the market.

Kun shoulder rest- One of the most used shoulder rests among students and professional violinist. Lighter but the shape is not that adjustable as Bonmusic. Material is plastic.

Wolf Forte Primo– can be adjusted in two directions: width and height. Nothing special, the form of it is not shaped at all but might fit a few violinists. Tried but no luck. Very                                                straighforward.

Mach One Maple Shoulder Rest– for those who have long necks. Good shaped form which might fit you if you have same shoulder shape. Can’t be bent. Relatively expensive.

Artino SR-11 Magic Pad – this is my favorite. I use it every day. It sticks to the back of the violin and doesn’t leave any residue. Small and effective, but if you want to use it, you will                                               have to learn how to hold the violin without shoulder rest. 10 points of 10, excellent choice.