My violin method

Each student is taught on a customized approach


you will learn the basics of violin playing which are essential for your growth and development as a   musician. They include posture, violin placement, all information about posture and how to play freely and without tension by choosing right chinrests and shoulder rests, playing without shoulder rest, bow hold, right hand mechanics, left hand mechanics, vibrato, shifts, positions, string crossing, strokes such as spiccato, sautille, martele, detache, staccato, etc…

Build your own violin technique

Learn how to move your right hand, left hand mechanics, play without tension and know your body, understand how you body works and what muscles you use for tension-free playing. 

Violin repertoire

Depending on your level, we will focus on repertoire which will help you in developing proper technique and musicality. Exercises, etudes, caprices, concertos, sonatas will be chosen for you according to your needs and your preference. I am deeply convinced that music should inspire therefore its up to me to find you something interesting to play.

Sight reading

I will do my best to prepare you to college or an orchestra audition. We will study orchestral excerpts and and required music for your exams. 

Rhythm and theory

Your practice habits 

Performance preparation

Tone quality and sound production

And much much more…