Violin teaching

My violin teaching philosophy is based on the idea that everyone is unique, which is why my approach is customized to each student’s individual level and goals. 

Music is a universal language that can be understood by every human being without any translation. The goal of the master musician is to be able to interpret the music so well that it reaches the hearts and minds of all listeners. This requires focus and hard work, which cannot be overstated. One student can practice for many hours without seeing improvements, while another will gain skills at a much faster pace. Why? Efficient practice, mindset, posture, technique, and overall confidence and dedication all play a significant role in your growth as a violinist and a musician. It is my goal to teach my students to be efficient in their practice and creative in their thinking.  

My violin teaching philosophy and my greater mission is to help you see what to change and how to do it. All aspects of your life, habits, lifestyle, and dedication affect you as a musician and a person. For this reason, it is essential for a teacher to be sensitive to each student’s circumstances, personality, and needs.

My goal is to guide you and assist you in your musical journey and to help you acquire all the necessary skills to become a better violinist, prepare for an audition, or pass an exam. I realize that correct posture and set up is the first step in your success as a violinist, which is why I emphasize the importance of it and help my students perfect their posture before moving forward.  

Violin lessons